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I welcome you on the „Integrated application of innovative water management methods at river basin by coordination of local governments” LIFE20 CCA/HU/001604 (LIFE LOGOS 4 WATERS) project!
You are in the right place if you want to learn more about adapting to climate change, reducing your exposure to extreme weather events, or retain water locally in the landscape.

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Two demonstration small catchment areas

Pilot site 1: catchment area including settlements threatened by flashfloods (Püspökszilágy and its surroundings, Gombás stream, Szilágyi stream catchment area) – 9 affected settlements

Pilot site 2: areas struggling with inequalities between water surplus and water scarce periods along the river Danube (Bátya and surroundings) – 5 affected settlements

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Püspökszilágy and its surroundings

This pilot site is increasingly exposed to the negative effects of flash floods and droughts. In the last 10 years the flooding of the Szilágyi stream and the Gombás stream caused serious damages to the affected settlements. In the upper watershed, croplands, meadows and some forests dominate the landscape, so soil erosion is also a serious challenge here. In the lower watershed, where the settlements are typically located, the floodplains along the streams do not really fulfill their water retention role.

Solution concept: attenuate runoff in the upper catchments; slowing, storing and infiltrating precipitation; improve resilience to drought and erosion of the uplands; create a demonstration site; improve natural water supply; closer cooperation between the municipalities concerned and local stakeholders.

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Bátya and its surroundings

The pilot site highlights the climatic problem that the annual average precipitation (approx. 600 mm) is less than the estimated potential evapotranspiration (approx. 850 mm), so the water balance is negative here. This is further exacerbated by the unpredictability and extremes of precipitation intensity and distribution. The groundwater supply in the area is insufficient to meet the needs of humans and ecosystems. Water demand on high-quality agricultural land is increasing due to irrigation development.

Solution concept: development of rainwater management; mitigating the exposure to droughts; mitigating the sinking of the groundwater level; increasing the area and quality of wetland habitats; improving natural water supply; creating recreational zones; closer cooperation between the municipalities concerned and local stakeholders.



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