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Visiting Poland in the framework of the project- A networking trip for the instructors of the University of Public Service

Within the framework of the LIFE LOGOS 4 WATERS project, the instructors of the Faculty of Water Sciences of the University of Public Service participated in an organization-specific networking meeting between 24-28th of March 2024 in Poland, where their primary goal was to visit the LIFE4DELTA project (further information about the project can be found here) and exchange professional experiences.

On the first day, in the morning hours, the instructorsof the UPS visited the Agricultural Sciences of the Krakow University to discuss the possibilities of participating in the Summer University, which will  held in autumn 2024 within the framework of our project – Polish colleagues were also invited, to promote to this event, and to provide a basis for the recruitment of Polish students. In the afternoon, they travelled to Umianowice, the center of the LIFE4DELTA project.

On the second day, the representatives from both projects held presentations to each other about the LIFE LOGOS 4 WATERS and LIFE4DELTA projects, identified the  points of connection, and engaged in discussions regarding the achieved results. During the afternoon, they visited the project area to see the reconstructions, water retention solutions and elements of the established monitoring system in the floodplain of the Nida river They also had the opportunity to participate in water level measurements together with their Polish colleagues.


On the third day, they travelled to St. Anne’s Chapel on a nearby hill, from where you can see providing a panoramic view of  the entire section of the river Nida affected by the reconstruction and as well as the river valley.Then they also visited the sites located in the river valley. In the afternoon, they visited the facilities of the environmental education and training center, including the laboratories  where they had the opportunity to learn about the process of breeding indigenous animal and plant species of European Union significance for reintroduction (e.g. marsh turtle, river mussels and red-bellied unka). Later in the afternoon, further presentations were given about the achieved results so far by the projects, and the possibilities for further development were also discussed.

The project in Poland was instructive in several respects: the network of piezometers built in the floodplain of the river Nida, its instrumentation and monitoring system for monitoring water retention, as well as the field sampling programme and the jointly conducted measurements, all provided useful and informative data. The cooperation implemented by the Polish partners with the municipalities and farmers involved in the area during the implementation of the LIFE4DELTA project can be considered exemplary.


The visit ended positively in all respects and achieved its goal. During the visit, the instructors of the Faculty of Water Sciences of UPS and the Polish colleagues of the LIFE4DELTA project mutually enriched each other with diverse and valuable exchanges during the networking trip, the results of which will also be benefical for the implementation of the LIFE LOGOS4WATERS project.


Text and photos: Anna Enikő Tamás Dr. and Dániel Koch


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