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Runoff-slowing and water retention solutions are being built in Szada with the support of LIFE LOGOS 4 WATERS project

The Municipal Support Program announced in 2022, within the framework of our LIFE LOGOS 4 WATERS project enables the implementation of small-scale natural water retention investments in Hungarian settlements. One of the winners of the Program was the Municipality of Szada, where two small projects can be realized in the settlement with the support of the Program. The implementation of the projects is progressing well, the construction works of the investments have started, which are planned to be completed by the end of this year – we can heard from Lajos Pintér (Mayor of Municipality of Szada) in an interview made by Veresnet TV.

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Source: Facebook page of Municipality of Szada

Result of the positive assessment of the application, a forested rain garden will be created in Szada to solve the drainage problems of the Székely Bertalan street and its surroundings. As part of the investment, a culvert will be created by drilling through the road, where the rainwater is able to be collected and drained in the rain garden, in such a way that it does not endanger the surrounding residential properties. According to the plans, the rain garden will be able to drain 1,000 m3 of precipitation.



Source: Facebook page of Municipality of Szada

The other part of the investment concerns the mud-minnow (Umbra krameri) pods consisting of 9 small lakes. This area give home to several protected species – European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis), European fire-bellied toad (Bombina bombina) and the Tavirózsa Association’s highly protected mud-minnow species protection pilot program, which is recognised internationally. Recently, the distribution of precipitation has become very hectic, as a result of which the water level has repeatedly reached such a critical level that it became necessary to rescue the fish that lived in it. As part of the program, 9 runoff-slowing leaky log dams will be built on the stream next to the area, which can be achieved approx. 0,5 m water level rise.



Source: Veresnet TV

Based on the detailed cost plan submitted during the application, the total budget of the program is HUF 7,807,000 gross, of which the Municipality received a grant of HUF 3,325,000 for planning and preparation tasks from the resources announced by the LIFE LOGOS 4 WATERS project. The remaining part of the costs assumed as a deductible by the local government. Meanwhile, the increased construction costs made it necessary to provide an additional HUF 5,700,000 deductible, which was also assumed by the Municipality from its own resources. Thus, the total cost of the investments is approx. HUF 13,000,000 gross.


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