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Municipal Programmes

For the first time, the LIFE 2020 call made it possible for the winning projects to provide financial support to local initiatives, as long as they contribute to the project’s objectives. Financial support may be provided by a project beneficiary – coordinating or associated – to third parties responsible for said local initiatives. In this way, access to LIFE funding has been facilitated for those who are not involved in the implementation of the project as an associated beneficiary but who play an important role in achieving the project’s objectives.

Under the LIFE LOGOS 4 WATERS project, the amount of EUR 100 000 awarded to third parties will be distributed through two call for proposals. Thanks to the two grant schemes, the project activities and objectives will be much more accessible to the municipalities, which are the main target audience of our project. Participation in these calls, whether or not the applicant is a winner, is in itself an attitude change that can serve as a springboard for other calls in the future.

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