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Expected results of the LIFE LOGOS 4 WATERS project

Increasing knowledge and capacity of municipalities and key stakeholders on ecosystem-based adaptation, climate induced water risks and integrated water management contribute to better adaptation capacity to CC. The experience in collaboration at catchment-level and the tools created support the local governments in moving toward a retention-based local water management for the improvement of the negative water balance of Hungary.

The catchment-level implementation of NWRMs strengthens the local and regional climate resilience and enables mitigating the effects of CC on the ecosystem and the exposed natural resources. Increasing wetland habitats contribute to halt the loss of biodiversity.

More climate conscious municipalities and water experts’ community with a progressive attitude are aware of available possibilities in CCA.

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Expected quantified results and impacts:

Improved knowledge of the key experts and decision makers:

Improved adaptive capacity and climate resilience of the 2 pilot catchments:

Better climate governance at local and regional levels by better cooperation of municipalities and local stakeholders:

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