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CEESEN konferencia

Central Eastern European Sustainable Energy Network – Sustainable Municipalities Conference

06/09/2023. - 07/09/2023. (Thursday-Friday)
Magnet House / Online, 98. Andrássy Street 1062 Budapest

Date: 06/09/2023 – 07/09/2023

Location: Magnet House / Online, 98. Andrássy Street 1062 Budapest


The 2023 Sustainable Municipalities International Conference will be held on the 6th and 7th of September, organized by the WWF Hungary. The primary subject matter of the two-day event is the discussion of climate adaptation opportunities of municipalities. On the first day multiple online and in-person presentations can be attended. During the first half of the day the audience can gain knowledge about energy safety and energy dependence, as well as get acquainted with international examples of energy independence or investments regarding the subject. In the afternoon hours, presentations and panel discussions will focus on the topic of adaptation, including the introduction of the LIFE LOGOS 4 WATER project’s and its predecessor, the LIFE-MICACC project’s experiences regarding water-retention practices.

The program of the second day consists of workshops and field trips during which good practices of settlements will be visited in some districts of Budapest and in its agglomeration.

The event is free but prior registration is required. The conference can be attended in person or online. More information about the conference and detailed agenda is available at the website of the conference, and you can register on this link.   



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