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URBACT for Action Planning Networks – webinar on 17 January 2023

The URBACT Programme, which is the first European territorial cooperation programme since 2002, aims to support the exchange of experience and learning about sustainable urban development. European networks of cities that are invited to participate in the programme will develop an action plan focusing on a problem area of their choice, with the involvement of local social actors.

On 17 January 2023, at 10.00, the Secretariat of URBACT will organise an online webinar for those interested in the current call for proposals, which will run from 9 January to 31 March 2023. The call will be presented and there will be opportunity to ask from colleagues of the Secretariat. The working language of the webinar is English, which will be available by clicking on the following link:

There is a brief introduction to the URBACT programme, more information in Hungarian can be found here: ,

URBACT supports urban policy makers and practitioners at EU, national, regional and local level through networking, capacity building and dissemination of good practice. The main objective of the programme remains to ensure that European cities work together to prepare themselves to address their challenges and strengthen their central role in the face of increasingly complex societal change.

To achieve this, the programme will support

(1) enhancing the capacity of cities to deliver sustainable urban policies and practices in an integrated and participatory way;

(2) the development of sustainable urban strategies and action plans;

(3) the implementation of integrated action plans for sustainable urban development; and

(4) ensure that both practitioners and policy-makers at all levels (EU, national, regional and local) have increasing access to URBACT knowledge and share their experience of sustainable urban development in order to develop urban policies.



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